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Getting here by train

If you are travelling by train to Falmouth you can either alight at Falmouth Town or Falmouth Docks. If we are meeting at the Falmouth Hotel it's better to get off at the docks, but on our normal Sundays when we meet at the Pavilion, alight at Falmouth Town and walk up the hill to the theatre. 

Need to get a ticket, check out the Trainline website.

Getting here by sea

Entering Carrick Roads is generally straight-forward. The entrance lies between the St Anthony Head Lighthouse to the east and Pendennis Castle to the west. The entrance is broad and deep and partially sheltered from the prevailing westerlies by the Lizard peninsula. It can however be rough particularly when strong south-easterlies meet the ebb tide.

The principal hazard is the Black Rock shoal near the centre of the entrance. It is clearly marked by a black beacon with an “isolated danger” light Fl(2) 10s 3M. Passage can be made either side of the beacon (allowing for the shoal). The main shipping channel is to the east and is marked by a PHM (FlR2.5s).

With sufficient rise of tide Carrick Road is broad and largely free of obstructions but at LW Springs there are many shallow areas so deep-draught yachts should keep to the well-marked channel. The estuary is sheltered but strong gusts can occur in the vicinity of headlands. Tidal streams should be used to advantage to minimise the adverse effects of currents which can attain 2-3 knots in the rivers and creeks.

The Harbour Church is part of the Elim Pentecostal Church Registered Charity 251549 (England & Wales). The Elim denomination is part of the Evangelical Alliance. Harbour Church is also part of Churches Together in Falmouth and Penryn.