Hub groups meet weekly or fortnightly, in homes, coffee shops, or even on the beach! These groups will usually focus on reading and chatting together about a Bible passage or a section of a Christian book, and then praying together.

They are relaxed, informal groups which exist to help build closer relationships, and explore together what faith means in our everyday lives.

Groups meet at a variety of locations and times. If you’d like to get involved send us an email, or complete the HUB card next time you’re in church.
Focus groups run for a specific number of weeks and exist to encourage spiritual growth and greater freedom in our lives. They will usually concentrate on developing a deeper understanding of one aspect of the Bible or the Christian faith, or allow time to explore in depth some common obstacles in our Christian lives. Previous groups have included topics like:
  • Alpha course
  • Release (youth)
  • Marriage Alpha
  • Walk through the Old Testament
  • Walk through the book of Daniel
  • Human to Human (outreach)
Up and coming groups include:
  • Freedom in Christ
  • Walk through Revelation
If you’d like to find out more about any of these groups them please be in touch.
Connection and family is at the core of Harbour. Our goal is not to produce 'programmes' but 'spaces' where people can meet together and grow a sense of community.

We put on a number of social events during the year to provide a space and time to allow us deeper relationships.

These include things like:
  • Supper Club
  • Fitness group
  • Harbour Football
  • Beach trips
  • Christmas meal
  • BBQs/Meals
We also have a number of whole church gatherings such as our VERTICAL meetings.

If you would like to find out more or if you would like to help with organising a social event, please contact us.